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Interaction/Intervention Pattern Library

Over the last 15 years, interaction/intervention patterns have been identified/discovered/developed across a fairly large set of human domains: individuals, professions, teams, departments, organisations, sectors, communities, countries and our entire civilisation.

These patterns lie in the intersection between systems science (interaction patterns in complex systems) and cognitive science (interaction patterns in human behaviour).

Some of them are recorded in rough summary form here.

Universal Interaction Patterns

A set of universal super-patterns that repeat across these domains has emerged.  And a single repeating pattern (the human condition problem|solution pattern) has emerged across these super-patterns.

Intervention Taxonomy

The patterns form a multi-dimensional recursive taxonomy.  In other words, they form a taxonomy (a knowledge classification and organisation system) that has many dimensions to it (so it can be approached from many perspectives) and refers to itself and repeats itself and other parts of itself, repeatedly.

The taxonomy serves as a diagnostic|intervention framework and is designed to be and intended to become increasingly universal, in the sense of applying to any and all domains of human intervention and interest. That is to say, a universal framework of frameworks for everything.

This taxonomy is obviously a provisional one that is constantly being refined, enhanced and extended as it casts light on a broader spectrum of individual and collective human experience and endeavour.

Next Step

The next/current step is to publish this taxonomy in various forms - and open it up to contributions and collaboration.

The idea is to make the discovery and its benefits more accessible to people by removing the need for them to find/develop their own patterns.

Instead they will be able to browse the taxonomy to find the relevant patterns to the most common situations and, through exposure to them, begin to find their own patterns, almost intuitively.

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