How to build your first GPS

gps_methodGPS's can be developed independently or collaboratively – and are most simple and powerful after a few independent and collaborative iterations.  Don't expect it to be easy at first - the process is designed to create deep insights than you currently have, which is quite demanding from a neural point of view.

The basic idea is find the repeating patterns across the outcomes sought, challenges faced and solutions ideas you've come up with.

In each iteration, complete the Goal wording first, then the Problem wording and, finally, the Solution wording.

Use the same method to populate each of the entities in the model – completing the entire method for each entity before completing the entire method for the next entity:

  1. List the primary elements for each party in the situation (e.g. Customer; Adviser; Staff; Company; Department; and or Shareholder.)
    1. Goal: list the outcomes sought by each party
    2. Problem: list the issues and challenges faced by each party
    3. Solution: list simple solutions – no matter how trite and insufficient they are – to the fundamental problem as defined in the Problem step.
  2. Draft provisional wording that encapsulates these elements in a single phrase or sentence and applies to each relevant party:
    1. Generate a few rough options as quickly as you can
    2. Don't choose between the options. Instead look for wording that captures the ideas in each phrase, rather than combining all the phrases into one long phrase
  3. Don't try to get it perfect, first time round!
  4. Refine the wording iteratively until you're satisfied enough with it. It doesn't need to be perfect – and will constantly evolve and refine as individual and collective insight develops.
    1. Goal: 3-7 words, ideally.
    2. Problem: 3-12 words, ideally.
    3. Solution: 3-15 words, ideally.

Click here for a GPS worked example...

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