Goal|Problem|Solution (GPS)


Goal|Problem|Solution (GPS) is a universal strategy framework. It's a simple but very powerful way of creating strategic focus and alignment in challenging situations and in achieving challenging objectives.

It is a simplified version of the repeating pattern across the Interaction Patterns covered in the previous section.

The GPS Model

gps_patternGoal Pattern: The Goal element of the GPS defines the ultimate state sought – for all parties – in the challenging situation we're seeking to address.  The Goal Pattern is the repeating pattern across all of the outcomes sought for all of the parties concerned, immediately and into the future.

It's essential that we define the goal of any initiative clearly in order to secure alignment on the destination we're heading for.

Get this one wrong and the remaining elements are at risk!

Problem Pattern: The Problem element of the GPS defines the fundamental problem that all parties face in achieving the ultimate state sought.  The Problem Pattern is the repeating pattern across all of the challenges and issues each party faces in achieving the Goal Pattern - currently and into the future.

It's crucial that we are absolutely clear on the problem that has to be solved in order to secure the goal we're seeking – or risk solving the wrong problem and not getting the result we're after.

Solution Pattern: The Solution element of the GPS defines the universal breakthrough solution that will solve the fundamental problem we're facing and secure the ultimate state we're seeking.  The Solution Pattern is the repeating pattern across all of the solution ideas for overcoming the Problem Pattern (and local instances of it) and achieving the Goal Pattern.

If we don't ensure that the solution is both necessary and sufficient to solve the fundamental problem and secure our ultimate goal, we risk inadvertently adopting something inefficient and/or ineffective.

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