Pattern-Level Intervention

pattern-level_interventionAn easy way to understand the pattern-level intervention concept is by contrasting it with conventional issue-level intervention.

Issue-level intervention is a consequence of the silo-effect in business.  Each department focuses on enhancing its own performance (the shapes above reflect the priorities in each department).  This is exactly what we would expect in a stable environment - but in a fast changing world, this approach results in local optimisation and a compounding of the silo-effect - and hence end-to-end performance suffers.

Pattern-level intervention is different.  Once the situation-wide Productivity Pattern has been identified, one can develop local instances of that pattern and intervene locally in a way that optimises end-to-end performance.  (The colours of the new, end-to-end Productivity Pattern map to the various departments, which have now adopted an end-to-end performance priority.)

Sometimes this compromises - or appears to compromise - local performance, but it doesn't take long for people to realise that global performance is what counts.  Very soon people start seeing local performance in terms of how it contributes to global performance and the silo-effect gets reversed.

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