System Dynamics

This page describes the essence of System Dynamics from the perspective of its original contribution to our discovery of the Fractal Phenomenon and the development of Systemic Thinking - and doesn't even attempt to do justice to System Dynamics in its entirety.  For a detailed overview of System Dynamics, go to http://www.systemdynamics.org,  or google "System Dynamics".

Jay W ForresterSystem Dynamics is the brainchild of Jay Forrester.  It's an analytical modelling and simulation technique that represents causal loops within and the stocks and flows of inventory through (around) a complex adaptive system, over time.

Forrester developed Systems Dynamics in the 1950s at MIT in response to GE's (General Electric's) desire to understand repeating patterns and cycles in its operations and employment cycles.

Systems Dynamics combines interconnected causal loop diagrams with stock and flow diagrams using mathematical formulae.  Practitoners use software to animate the changing relationships between the various entities identified.

Contribution to the development of Systemic Thinking

  1. The causal loop and stock and flow interaction-type patterns.
  2. The delayed feedback pattern
  3. The realisation that System Dynamics is an extremely analytical way of synthesising interations between entitities

Click here for an overview of Systems Thnking, a simplified derivative of System Dynamics.

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