Common Interaction Types

The most common simple interaction types in complex adaptive systems are: Flow, Cause-Effect, Cycle or Feedback Loop and Conflict or Contradiction.

The Intervention Patterns for each of these interaction types are:

  1. Flow - Relieve the Bottleneck [more]
  2. Cause-Effect - Transform the Cause [more]
  3. Cycle - Reverse the Cycle [more]
  4. Conflict - Resolve the Conflict [more]

Although the strategy patterns in the previous section are derived from these patterns and reduce the need for their use, it is often worthwhile modeeling a situation within these patterns - especially if the situaion is very obviously a conflict, vicious cycle, root-cuase issue or a flow-system.

Click the [more] links above for detail on each of these Intervention Patterns - or here to move on to the Origins & History of Systemic Thinking

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